African Alliance Commits To Prompt Claims Settlement

African Alliance Commits To Prompt Claims Settlement

African Alliance Assurance has promised to continue to prioritise prompt claims settlement to erase the negative perception of Nigerians about insurance services in the country.

To this end, the 63-year old life insurer is presently charting a course to illuminate the lives of both share holders and customers alike.

In a resounding affirmation, the managing director of the firm, Joyce Ojemudia said: ‘African Alliance remains committed to swiftly and professionally settling all valid claims, ensuring enduring happiness and satisfaction for our valued customers.’

Hence, from 2019 to 2023, African Alliance has paid over N40 billion on Annuity and claims.

This substantial payment spanned diverse business units, such as: Group life N5.1bn, Individual life N7.5bn, Esusu N3.4bn, Takaful N2.8bn and Annuity N21.4bn.

Notably, the company’s CEO said, the momentum has carried into 2024, as African Alliance has proactively disbursed over N1.1 billion in claims within the initial 58 days of the year.

Joyce Ojemudia reiterated her pledge to stakeholders, underscoring ongoing strategic initiatives aimed at propelling African Alliance to the forefront of the life assurance business in Nigeria.

These initiatives, she said, aim to secure a larger market share while upholding the utmost standards of integrity and placing customer satisfaction at the forefront.

To her, “African Alliance continues to be a beacon of reliability and dedication in the life assurance landscape, promising not just financial security but a journey filled with contentment and assurance for all stakeholders.”

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