Apply for CBN Creative Industry Loan

Apply for CBN Creative Industry Loan

Industry is an essential part of every society for development. Therefore, a developing country must have functional industries as they create employment, foster financial stability, and encourage economic growth.

Recognizing this, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) introduced a loan to support creative industries in Nigeria.
In this post, we will guide you on how to apply for the CBN creative industry loan.

The industry is the hub for art, craft, and other creative works, yet this sector lags due to the lack of funds. Creative individuals face challenges in securing loans, as financial institutions often prefer established organizations or those with a steady income.

However, there’s hope as we provide the best way to receive financial aid from the CBN.

What to know about the creatives loan

Financial bodies aim to help the creative industry by providing bearable interest loans to individuals, facilitated through the Creative Industry Financing Initiative (CIFI).

Eligibility for the loan

The loan is specific to four creative areas: Fashion design, Movie/film, Information Technology, and Software
Engineering. Those in related areas like software engineering, movie, and music production can apply.

Loan Amount

The Creative Industry Financing Initiative offers up to N500 million to individuals in the creative industry, considering its capital-intensive nature.

Requirements to access the loan

Applicants must be members of the creative industry. Various categories qualify for the loan, including Fashion, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Music, Movie Production, and Movie Distribution.

How to apply for CBN creative industry loan

1. Create a business plan containing essential information about your business and its cost.

2. Ensure your business operates within the creative industry.

3. Agree to the loan terms and conditions, then apply at any Nigerian financial institution (Bank).

4. The bank will vet your proposal for eligibility, and if approved, your request will be granted.

Loan Interest Rate

The loan has an interest rate not exceeding 9% per year.

CIFI Plans For Loan Repayment

  • Fashion, Information Technology, and Music categories have a maximum of ten years for repayment.
  • Movie Production and Distribution categories also have a maximum of 10 years for repayment.
  • Software Engineering category has a maximum of three years for repayment.

In conclusion, applying for the Creative Industry Financing Initiative loan is the best option for anyone in the creative industry to establish a business in Nigeria. Given the financial challenges many people face, this loan serves as a relief to fulfill creative dreams.

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