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“Because I have been silent, doesn’t mean I don’t have any thing to say”- Judy Austin vows to ‘expose everybody’

Because I have been silent doesn’t mean I don’t have any thing to say Judy Austin vows to ‘expose every body’ – Nollywood actress, Judy Austin is finally ready to tell the truth about her marriage to actor, Yul Edochie. The movie, in a video making rounds online, insisted that she didn’t snatch Yul Edochie from any one. Judy Austin warned trolls to stop judging her as she doesn’t condemn anyone..

She slammed blogger, Gistlover f or always feeding the public with unverified information and making them a target to trolls. An infuriated Judy vowed to spill all and expose people as she noted how her silence doesn’t mean she doesn’t have anything to say.

“I am tired of these insults on social media. Are you going to tell me how to live my life? Are you going to tell a
grown-up man, Yul Edochie how to live his life? He is 41 years old. I have had enough of all this.

Gistlover would make a stup!d post spreading lies about people, unverified posts, and unverified information. Is that how gullible people are that everything you hear you swallow?

Don’t you guys have common sense again? Aren’t you guysnusing your God-given brain?

Because I have been silent all these while doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to say. The fact that for the past one year, I haven’t responded to any of you……but at this point, I have had it.

What right do you have to judge me, someone you don’t know? I am going to start exposing everybody”.



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