Ezoic Levels: Benefits of All Ezoic Levels

What is Ezoic Levels?

Ezoic levels is a mechanism setup by the company to show users the different tools and resources that is available to
support them at the different stages they are in their growth cycle.


Ezoic Levels Everything You Need to Know


Why Ezoic Levels Was Implemented

The Ezoic Access Now program was a solution to how they can find a way to support new sites or publishers beginning in the blogging atmosphere with less than ten thousand monthly visitors.

Ezoic Levels is a wider view of what they can offer the rest of their millions of publishers, both new and existing, no matter the amount and quality of visitors their sites have.

Benefits of Ezoic Levels

1. Ezoic can now better align the type of monetization resources and add partners that may only be available to publishers at the higher levels.

2. Ezoic can deliver more transparency around the products and services they provide to all of their different sizes of publishers. This clarity will categorically allow Ezoic to guarantee deserved revenue to each publisher at their respective level.

3. One of the most common things Ezoic learned from their customers is: “when they grow, we grow”.

Which is why Ezoic actively issues thousands of dollars to their publishers in the form of direct cash investments and grants. These are publishers that actively use their technology and resources in the most effective manner.

Further Notes

Ezoic has also designed a new program alongside the launch of the levels initiative to help publishers in lower levels (1 – 4) to reach the next stage of growth. The program includes group coaching, educational tracks and community mentorship from veteran publishers using Ezoic.

These optional programs are were Ezoic gives opportunities to earn these new cash grants.

All of these initiatives including the Ezoic Level program were brought up due to the fact that Ezoic is interested in
their customers success.


It is important to note that levels are assigned to every Ezoic account no matter how old or new it is every Ezoic account has a level. The level of each account is determined on their level/amount of traffic and revenue.

More so, the higher your level, the more advantage you get and also more high paying ads as you will be given access
to higher paying publishers and better support. If you are a Ezoic publisher, I’d recommend you work on your site better to lift your level and revenue higher.

Ezoic levels has been a good initiative as it provides milestones for publishers to set their paths to success. If you are yet to get Ezoic approval, I’d recommend reading how article on how to get Ezoic approval easily.

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