FG Commences Payment of Npower 9-Month Backlog Salaries

FG Commences Payment of Npower 9-Month Backlog Salaries

We are pleased to report that the Federal Government has initiated the disbursement of long-awaited stipends owed to N-Power beneficiaries, spanning a period of 9 months from January to December 2023.

Commencing on December 21, 2023, the payment process is underway, with beneficiaries gradually receiving alerts confirming the receipt of their outstanding stipends.

While the disbursement is progressing at a steady pace, the beneficiaries are urged to stay informed through regular updates and anticipate the completion of their payments in due course.

This timely financial relief comes as a support for beneficiaries, addressing a prolonged period of overdue stipends. Despite the gradual nature of the disbursement, the beneficiaries are encouraged to remain patient and
attentive to further announcements.

Notably, the Npower NSIPA management’s commitment to fulfilling these payments aligns with their preparations to launch the program under the Agency for the Renewed Hope Agenda of the new Administration.

This initiative signifies a step forward in ensuring the financial well-being of N-Power beneficiaries and contributing to the success of the renewed Hope Agenda.

As the disbursement unfolds, beneficiaries are advised to stay tuned for additional details and updates, further reinforcing the government’s commitment to the N-Power program and its participants.

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