Geegpay Virtual Account: Get Free Instant USD, EUR, GBP Accounts in Nigeria

Geegpay Virtual Account Get Free Instant USD, EUR, GBP Accounts in Nigeria

Geegpay Virtual Foreign Account USD, GPB & EUR, Technology Advancement is rising daily. Today, companies in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia are engaging the services of African freelancers and contractors to operate their businesses.

Fulfilling a Job is hard, getting paid shouldn’t be stressful. Freelancer, Contractors and business owners in Africa face difficulties in receiving payment from abroad due to several factors and countries limitation. To make it easier, that’s why Geegpay was Created for Africans.

Geegpay allow you to create free instant virtual account in three different currencies (USD, GPB & EUR). Just like Grey Virtual Account, With Geegpay, it’s easy to convert to your local currency at competitive exchange rates in minutes.

What Is Geegpay

Geegpay Virtual Account is a Foreign based online banking platform that allow you to create Free Foreign Virtual Account in USD, GBP and EUR Currency for all your international transactions.

The instant Virtual Account allow you can Send and receive money from overseas, spend globally with Geegpay virtual and physical cards. With Zero fee for conversation Within currencies, You can easily convert foreign currency to local currency.


Features Of Geegpay Virtual Account

  • FOREIGN BANK ACCOUNTS — Get free instant USD, EUR, GBP Accounts. Reduce cost and avoid delay in getting paid from your employer by creating a personalized foreign bank accounts to start receiving money like a pro you are. Save money on international inflow, No maintenance cost or minimum balance.
  • SMART INVOICING — With Geegpay, you can Auto-Bill your Employer. Let Geegpay generate your monthly or weekly invoice so that you can focus on what matters. Our system can auto-bill your employers using your settings. Keep track of your invoices for future evidence.
  • DEBIT CARDS — Spend with no barrier. Easily spend across millions of websites with Geegpay customized virtual and physical debit cards
  • Free Transfer — Easily send and receive money from friends and families at zero cost using Geeg tag or email.
  • Multi-withdrawal Channels — Withdraw your fund to banks and mobile money in over 100 countries, Paypal, Wise and Revolut.
  • Instant Exchange — Exchange foreign currency to NGN, KES, GHS and others at competitive exchange rates in seconds.


Geegpay Exchange Rate

Below is Geegpay Exchange Rate as at the moment this Article was published. Kindly note that the rate below are subjected to change at any point in time.


How To Open Account on Geegpay

To open a Instant Foreign Virtual Account, all you need is a registered account on Geegpay.

  • Click Here to register on Geegpay.Africa
  • Tap on Open An Account.
  • Enter your Full Name, Email and password then tap on Continue.
  • Verify your account with OTP sent to your mail.
  • Once verified, you will be automatically logged in.

Creating account on Geegpay is fast and easier, getting free virtual account also just got easier.

How To Create Free USD, GPB & EUR Virtual Account On Geegpay

Creating a virtual account on Geegpay is fast and easier. All you need is to complete your profile setup and verify your identity to get bank accounts.

  • Login to your Geegpay Account.
  • Click on the Menu Icon at the top left corner then tap on Accounts.
  • After that, tap on Create Virtual Account.
  • You will be prompt to Complete profile setup to get bank accounts.
  • Click on Update Profile and provide all the required details (Country, Zip Code, Proof of Address,etc.)
  • Once completed, tap on Verify Your Identity.
  • Then verify your account with your ID.
  • You can verify your identity using your Nin or Id Card, Voters Card or Passport.
  • Once your account is fully verified, you can generate your USD, GPB & EUR Virtual Account by clicking on Create Account.

Select the type of Foreign virtual Account you wish to create then tap on Create. Within seconds, your virtual account will be created peradventure your account is fully verified.

How To Deposit, Convert, Send & Receive Money With Geegpay Virtual Account


To Deposit, Convert, send & receive money on Geegpay either with your Local or Foreign currency, all you need is to create virtual account of the currency.

How To Deposit Naira On Geegpay Virtual Account

Apart from creating USD, GPB & EUR Virtual Account, you can also create NGN Virtual Account on Geegpay.

  • The NGN Virtual Account will allow you to deposit in your local currency and exchange for foreign currency on Geegpay.
  • Login to your Geegpay account and tap on the Menu Icon at the top left corner.
  • Click on Accounts then tap Create Account.
  • Select NGN then tap on Create.

How To Exchange/Convert Currency On Geegpay Virtual Account

  • It’s easy to convert to your local currency at competitive exchange rates in minutes.
  • You can Deposit NGN and exchange it for USD, GPB or EUR on Geegpay.
  • To exchange/convert any currency on Geegpay, login to your account. On the dashboard, tap on Convert.
  • Select the Source (currency you want to convert from) and Destination (currency you want to convert to).
  • Enter the amount you wish to convert.
  • You will see the amount you will get on the currency you are converting to.
  • Click on Convert to complete the exchange.

How To Send Money from Geegpay Virtual Account

  • Sending money from Geegpay is made possible on any of the Virtual Account. You might want to transfer foreign currency from your Geegpay account to Domiciliary Account or other beneficiaries.
  • To do that, login to your account and tap on Send.
  • Add the details of the account you are sending to then select the Foreign Virtual currency you are sending from.

How To Receive Money With Your Geegpay Virtual Account

  • As a freelancer, Contractors and business owners in Africa, Getting paid can be found easier with your Geegpay Virtual Account.
  • Before you can Receive Foreign Currency on Geegpay, you need to create a Virtual Account for the Currency.
  • Once you create the Virtual Account, you will be provided with the currency account details.
  • With the details, such as iban, account number, bank name, bank address, sort code, bank swift bic, account type, etc.

You can easily send the details to your Payer and receive your fund into the account.

  • Login to your Geegpay account
  • Tap on the Menu Icon at the top left corner of the site then click on Accounts.
  • Copy the account details of the virtual account.
  • Make Use of the details on the website or company you wish to get paid from.

A charges of about 0.9% will be deducted when you received fund in your virtual bank account.The minimum charges is $1.

How To Get Geegpay Virtual/Physical Debit Card

Spend with no barrier. Easily spend across millions of websites with Geegpay customized virtual and physical debit cards.

It cost $3 To get Virtual/Physical card on Geegpay.

  • Login to your Geegpay account.
  • Tap on the Menu Icon then click on Cards.
  • Click on Create New Card, enter your Name/Nickname then select card type.
  • Fee of $3 will be deducted on any of the currency you choosed to be charged from


*Virtual Card — With the Virtual, you can Spend across the globe with Geegpay card, Manage expenses by setting spending limit.

**Physical Card — You can get Geegpay physical card which can be used to travel round the world.


Download Geegpay Africa Apk

Do more on the go. Geegpay is coming soon to Google and Apple store!

The apk is currently not available on Play store or Apple Store but according to Geegpay, the apk will be available soon on both apk platform. Pending the time the apk get released, you can access your account by following below

Geegpay Africa Login/Sign In

Since the mobile apk for Geepay is not yet available, you can login to your account via Geegpay.Africa.

  • Go to Geegpay Page.
  • Tap on the menu icon at the top right corner of the site then click on Sign In.
  • Enter your login details then click on Continue.


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