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“How Anita Joseph and Uche Elendu Slept with A Native Doctor for Fame” Angela Okorie Vows to Reveal More

How Anita Joseph and Uche Elendu Slept with A Native Doctor for Fame Angela Okorie Vows to Reveal More – Angela Okorie alleges Anita Joseph and Uche Elendu had a sexual relationship with a native doctors. Angela Okorie, a Nollywood actress, has resumed dragging her Nollywood Bffs, Anita Joseph and Uche Elendu.

Angela Okorie stated on her Instagram account that the BFFs previously slept with a native doctor for fame. She promised to disclose documentation and revealed that a third person who accompanied them to commit the heinous act had confessed.

She further stated that despite being married, Anita Joseph was sleeping around.

“I never post the one wey Anita/Uche go sleep with native doctor for fame. I dey fine with prof. The Oyibo girl you follow una go don repent turn to God she doesn’t lie. I dey come o. Married women go just dey knack anyhow. Dem dey post church wey dem go, u dey come with full vawulence”.

In another post, Angela Okorie reiterated that Anita Joseph is an adulterer as she slammed her for lacking

“I never Post episode 1 to 100 Dem dey run kiti kiti. All of una repent this night cos if they know the Vawulence that.is coming e go touch all of them wey do me dirty including aunty.

That likes to be singing worship, gossip is her style that’s why she is everywhere. No dignity and respect as a married woman. Just dey knack up and down. Na me he una Karma I dey come”.

In another series of posts on her Instagram story, Angela promised to spill more about the Bffs.

“Una know say I no like trouble e no mean say we dey fear anybody. No underate me 2seconds every where go burst, see I like to stay on my own. Some people say is boring, but that boring life has saved me from a lot of these fake friends, no lies”.

“The evil you support today might walk against you tomorrow. Call out evil everywhere you see evil. Good morning fam”.


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