How To Buy Phone And Pay Later In Nigeria

How To Buy Phone And Pay Later In Nigeria

How To Buy Phone And Pay Later In Nigeria – This article is about how to buy phone and pay later in Nigeria One of the things that people desire these days in Nigeria is a smartphone, but given the country’s economic state, it is quite difficult to just spend money on a phone when you are faced with other important needs that require urgent attention. Having a phone is extremely important these days because our lives revolve around it.

Importantly, owning a smartphone is now like owning an office or a shop because there are many things that people use their phones for, the most prominent being business transactions via calls, chats, or bank transactions.

While you are thinking about how to get a phone when you don’t have the money yet, let me tell you something interesting called “buy and pay later.”

“Buy now and pay later” is a common phrase that many Nigerians have heard time and time again. However, not
many people have taken advantage of the opportunity presented by this phrase in the marketplace. In Nigeria today, you can buy many things and pay later.

One of the things you can buy and pay later in Nigeria is a mobile phone. Yes, mobile phone! As you are reading this
article, you probably are looking to buy a mobile phone, but you don’t have the amount needed to get you the phone. If this is true for you, please don’t worry any more because this article will show you how and where you can buy any phone in Nigeria and pay later. This may have sounded like magic to you, but it’s not.

There are now places you can purchase phones and pay later. So, fret less about not being able to purchase that stylish Xiaomi phone or the most recent iPhones since I’ll be telling you how to get a phone in Nigeria and pay back in installment. Again, if you are looking for where you can buy a phone and pay later in Nigeria, this article will lead you there.

Yes, this article will list all the places you can buy for and pay later. Not only will we list all the places, but you will also get to know all the simple, easy requirements you must meet to qualify to get a good smartphone and pay later.

Before I show you where to buy any phone of your choice and pay later, allow me to tell you the simple documents you need to present to be able to purchase a phone in Nigeria with the option to pay later. If you have these documents, you are eligible to do so. Below, I’ll provide a few of the needed paperwork.

Documents Required To Buy Phone And Pay Later In Nigeria

To “buy now and pay later” in Nigeria, you must possess certain paperwork, but how can you tell if you are qualified to take advantage of this opportunity? You can request to buy now and pay later at any Nigerian retailers Or platforms if you have the following needed paperwork
in order.

  • Bank statement of account showing your salary of the past 6 months
  • Bank Identification Number (BVN).
  • Work ID CARD/Employment letter.
  • A Government approved ID CARD (either Driver’s licence, National Identity Card, Voters card or Nigeria

Best Online Stores In Nigeria To Buy Phones And Pay Later

If you’re wondering whether you must go looking for stores to buy a phone and pay later, you can do that in some stores, but to make it simpler, you can just visit websites and download applications to complete all you need. I’ll list the shops and applications where Nigerians can purchase phones and pay later.

1. Easybuy

Easybuy phone installment company boasts of more than 2,000 stores in Nigeria. It installment sales support all mobile phone models and the platform current has over one million users in Nigeria.

Easybuy is arguably the most popular platform to buy a phone and pay later in Nigeria. You can find their sales agents in almost every store that sells phones in Nigeria, especially in Lagos. Here is even the juiciest of it all: if you want to buy a phone through Easybuy and pay later but you don’t have the time to visit a store to do the processing, you can order the phone online and have it delivered to you in your given address.

While there may be a reason for you to eventually go to a store in person, kindly follow the steps highlighted below to relief yourself of the little stress you might encounter in going to a store.

Steps To Buy Phone And Pay Later On Easybuy

  • Got to the Play store, download, and install the Easybuy app. Note that you can only get this on Android devices.
  • After installing the app, open the app to complete the application process.
  • Now register with all the necessary documentation that is requested of you.
  • Once you complete the application process, wait for approval. Note that this may take a little time. However, exercise patience because you will surely get approved if the information you supplied meets the requirements.

Note that you will need to deposit a percentage of the phone’s total cost before you purchase a phone and pay
later. So don’t go empty handed to the store.

Your choice phone will be delivered to you once all the paperwork is done between you and Easybuy. You can visit any nearby Easybuy store if you’re having trouble completing it.


SLOT Systems Limited is a top retailer of reasonably priced, dependable computers, electronics, accessories, and mobile devices across Nigeria. Established in 1998, it sells electronic devices and offers first-rate after-sales service that meet criteria set by the global market.

Over the years, the store has been known for always being the first to announce and launch new brands and services. It is the first to launch stolen phone recovery software, a mobile phone engineering service, phone screen insurance, and more.

How To Buy Phone And Pay Later In Slot

To purchase a phone from SLOT and pay later, you must go to a nearby slot store with all the documents required to make your purchase possible. I won’t write much about this phase because it involves physical procedures; instead, you can learn more about it by visiting a slot shop.

However, follow the simple steps below if you want to buy a phone from Slot and pay later:

  • Visit a Slot shop close to you.
  • Make sure you have up to 30 or 50% amount of the phone you want to buy and pay later.
  • Have all the needed documents ready.
  • Discuss your plans with any of the Slot agents.

3. CDcare

This website allows Nigerians to buy whatever products or household equipment they want using the Buy Now, Pay Later method for free. This website sells everything you need, from phones to other gadgets to household appliances like refrigerators and microwaves.

When you purchase an item from CDcare, you are given a payment plan that allows you to pay an agreed amount weekly or monthly. If you make a 50% deposit, the item will be delivered, and the balance will be processed. It’s that simple and straightforward with CDcare.

4. Zoomba

Zoomba is another e-commerce site that makes purchasing things in Nigeria easier. The unique thing about this website is that you can pay in installments. This allows you to reserve an item and make bit-by-bit payments until the entire balance is paid. You can buy laptops, home appliances, and much more.

Another interesting thing about Zoomba is the Zoomba’s Layaway option, which allows you to make a purchase and pay later. While Zoomba is a fantastic place to buy, it takes its policies seriously. Zoomba doesn’t tolerate breaches of agreement and policies from customers.

5. Spredda

Spredda is an e-commerce site that sells more than only phones, but since I’m this article is about how to get a smartphone and pay later, let’s move on to the process.

Here’s how to purchase a phone and pay later on Spredda.

  • Visit to access the official Spredda website.
  • Look for the phone you wish to purchase, add it to your shopping basket, and then finish the purchase.
  • Choose either PaQart or Layby as your preferred payment method on the checkout page. Wait until you are taken to a secure page.
  • If you select PayQart, you will be paying for the phone in monthly installments, which could take up to six months. You must complete the requested information accurately. If so, you’ll receive an instant approval, and the phone will be processed and shipped to you. PayQart makes it incredibly simple to purchase a phone and pay later.
  • If you decide to pay through layaway, it means you’ll put down 20% of the phone’s initial cost, they’ll retain it for you, and you’ll have up to three months to make your full payments. You will be charged the retail price without any additional fees when using this method of payment.

6. Alternative Mall

That aside, you can rely on Zoomba if you’re looking for a store in Nigeria where you can buy now and pay later. If you are looking for where you can buy electronics, mobile phones, furniture, laptops, generators, fashion and beauty products, sports and fitness equipment, and other items at discount prices? Look no further than the Alternative Mall.

Alternative Mall is an online store with headquarters in Nigeria. This huge e-commerce store is owned by Sterling
Alternative. It’s easy to shop at The Alternative Mall since you can spread out your payments over a 12-month period. You won’t need to pay a deposit, and you’ll only be charged based on 33.3% of your yearly salary. However, you will need to open a SAF account, which will be your repayment account.

Final Thought

If you’re eligible, buying a phone now and paying it off later is genuine and it works just well. If you’re wondering how to buy a phone and pay later in Nigeria, this is what you need, and I hope you find the information to be extremely helpful. A side from phones, you may buy anything you want and pay later.


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