How To Call A Phone Number That Blocked You In Nigeria

How To Call A Phone Number That Blocked You In Nigeria

How To Call A Phone Number That Blocked You In Nigeria (3 Steps) – Are you unable to dial a number and seeking for a solution? Here’s an article on how to call a blocked number in Nigeria. As a smartphone user, one of the few things that can happen to you is being blocked by someone who does not want you to call them.

This is not the same as being unable to make calls because your MTN, Airtel, GLO, or even 9mobile line was blocked because you did not link your NIN. If that’s not the case, and your phone number has been banned by someone you’ve been irritated with or who doesn’t want to talk to you, there is a solution, which you’ll learn about in this article.

If you’re looking for a solution to call a blocked number, this article will entirely assist you. It’s irritating to be banned by someone, but it’s typical, and you can even block numbers on your smartphone with some of the best call blocker apps available.

How To Call Phone Number That Blocked You in Nigeria

There are various ways to contact a phone number that has blocked you, and they are all straightforward. In this article, I’ll go over three distinct strategies that you may use to grab the attention of some one who has prohibited you from calling them using your phone number.

Step One: Change Your Caller ID

This strategy works, but not on every smartphone, and it is dependent on the sort of phone used by either you or the person you are attempting to call. However, in most circumstances, it works effectively and will offer you an advantage whenever you wish to call a number that has barred you from calling. With that stated, let’s look at how you may update your caller ID.

How To Change Caller ID on iPhone

  • You may modify your iPhone’s caller ID by going to the Settings App.
  • Then, under your device’s settings, go to the Phone section, look for Show My Caller ID, and turn it off.
  • By doing so, your phone number will be concealed whenever you call someone who has banned your number.
  • How To Change Caller ID On Android
  • If you’re using an Android device, go to your handset’s Settings and then to Call Settings.
  • Click on Additional Settings > Caller ID once you’re in the Call Settings Area.
  • Set the option to conceal your phone number.
  • Once you’ve done so, your phone number will be concealed, and any calls to the blocked number will go through.

Step Two: Before Dialing A Number, Use The #31#

This method is well known, and most people in Nigeria use it, but if you’re new to it and want to know how, you can make your phone number anonymous whenever you want to call someone, not just who blocked you, but any number out there, then follow the steps below.

Before dialing the prohibited number, copy the #31# code or just dial it on your device dial pad. Then, make sure the #31# comes before the phone number you wish to call.

For example, if you want to call 07012345678, enter it as #31#07012345678.

Step Three: Call A Number That Blocked You With A Second Line

This is another viable option to examine. If, for some reason, the two procedures described above do not work for you, you may always improvise on another solution, which is to contact someone else’s phone. You can call from a friend’s phone, or if you have a second number and the person you want to reach doesn’t have the number saved, it offers you an advantage to call the number without drawing notice from the person who blocked you.

Final Thought

With the methods we’ve offered on how to contact a blocked number, we hope all of them were helpful. Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you have any further suggestions for this post.

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