How To Download or Transfer Music From Audiomack To Phone In 8 Simple Steps

How To Download or Transfer Music From Audiomack To Phone In 8 Simple Steps

How To Download or Transfer Music From Audiomack To Phone In 8 Simple StepsAudiomack is a popular music streaming software for Android and iOS that is widely regarded as one of the greatest music streaming apps. This program allows you to stream music both online and offline, and one of its most notable features is the ability to download music and play it offline.

However, there are instances when you’d like to share or transfer downloaded songs to another device in addition to simply listening to them directly from the app. I’ll show you how to transfer downloaded songs to your phone even though Audiomack doesn’t immediately save them to your device.

This tutorial will teach you how to download and transfer songs from Audiomack to your phone. This method is only for Android users because Apple iPhones have too many restrictions, therefore it can only be used on Android devices.

How To Move Music From Audiomack To Phone In 8 Simple Steps

This method is actually extremely simple and does not require much; however, you will need an additional application to make this work. Before we begin, make sure you have Audiomack installed on your Android smartphone and that you have downloaded music from the app.

Another software we’ll be utilizing is the X-plore app for Android, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. That being said, let’s get started!

1. Launch the Audiomack App

Launch the Audiomack app from your Android device, then navigate to the Offline option on the main screen. To
perform this activity effectively on Audiomack, you can only access music files that have been downloaded for
offline mode, which are songs that you’ve downloaded to play without an internet connection.

Follow the steps below to find ‘Offline’ songs: Launch Audiomack >>Navigate to My Library >> Offline.

2. Sort Tracks By The Song You Want To Transfer

Once you’ve entered the Offline section, you can change the sort from Newest (which is the default) to Oldest based on the song you wish to save to your phone. If you downloaded a music a long time ago, use Oldest; if it’s a fresh song, leave it at Newest.

3. Launch File Manager or X-plore File Manager App

Now, open the X-plore File Manager software on your phone and navigate to Internal Storage. If you use an SD Card on your smartphone as your primary storage for programs and files, navigate to SD Card Storage.

4. Navigate To The Audiomack File Directory

After opening the Internal Storage, navigate to Android >> Data >> com.audiomack.


Note: If you are using a smartphone with an operating system older than Android 11, you will see that your Android >> Data folder is empty due to the limits placed on those files (see screenshot below).

As a result, when you utilize the X-plore folder, you’ll be required to grant it one-time access to the Data folder.

5. Locate The Songs In Audiomack Folder

After you’ve clicked on the com.audiomack folder, go to Files, then Audiomack. This is where you’ll find all the songs you’ve downloaded from the Audiomack app, but they won’t be in a familiar file type, so proceed to the
following step.

6. Rename Each File Extension To .Mp3

When you open the Audiomack folder, you’ll see a different list of unfamiliar files, and if you want to transfer all the files there, you’ll need to rename each file extension to.mp3, make sure all your songs on Audiomack are properly sorted out, and this will give you an idea of the song you’re renaming from the X-plore File Manager app.

Now, hold down a single file until you get the choices window, then select Rename. You can use whatever name you like or the song’s name, then change the last file extension to.mp3.

7. Transfer The Tracks To Your Desired Folder

You can do the same for the remainder of the files, and once you’ve changed every thing, you can move the songs to your selected folder location on your phone and play them with your local music player software.

Final Thoughts

If you performed the instructions above correctly, you should be able to download and transfer songs from Audiomack to your Android device immediately. I hope you found the article useful, and do leave a comment if you have any problems transferring songs from Audiomack to your phone.

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