How To Easily Receive Adsense Payments In Nigeria

How To Easily Receive Adsense Payments In Nigeria – One of my readers who recently started a blog that monetizes with AdSense sent me an email asking: “how can I easily receive my AdSense payments in Nigeria“. I provided answers to all of her questions via email and decided to share with other readers who might be interested in knowing the best and most convenient Google AdSense payment options available to Nigerians.


Before you can even think of making withdrawals from AdSense there are a few prerequisites your account must meet up with.

What are they?

1. You must have an approved AdSense account

2. Your account and address must be verified.

3. You must reach or exceed the minimum withdrawal threshold.

I’m certain you must have satisfied condition

1. If not, you can read my guide on how to get an approved AdSense account. As for condition

2. getting approved is different from getting verified.

When you reach a minimum of $10 in your account, a pin will be generated by Google and mailed to the address you used in registering with AdSense.

It is with that pin you can verify your account. If your AdSense account is not verified, a notification should indicate that at the top of your screen when logged in to your account.

How To Easily Receive Adsense Payments In Nigeria


Even if your account isn’t verified, you can carry on publishing and improving your earnings. Condition three is that you must have earned a minimum of $100 or the equivalent in your account currency type. After reaching $100, you will be prompted to add a payment option. Now, that brings us to the real question. What payment option should you use?


The two Google AdSense payment options available to Nigerians are Bank Wire Transfer and Check (cheque). I will explain to you how each of them works.

1. Check (Cheque)

It’s an easy withdrawal option; however, there are a few limitations attached to it. And the biggest limitation is the delay you’re likely to experience. The same process it took to get your pin mailed, that’s the same process your cheque will pass through. In my own case, my pin took longer than normal before arriving, so the concept of having a check mailed does not intrigue me. You can have your check mailed through DHL Or Post Office. However, it comes at an extra cost. Apart from the delay you may experience due to post offices, the clearance process is some thing I don’t consider fascinating. But, luckily for us, there’s another option.

2. Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF)

Electronic funds transfer (ETF) is the method I recommend you use. What are the requirements for using this method? It’s simple. An account with any of the Local Banks in Nigeria (I am not affiliated to any of the banks so I won’t recommend anyone to you). And it mustn’t be a domiciliary account. A lot of people may tell you that you need to open a domiciliary account before you can receive your AdSense funds in Nigeria through Electronics Funds Transfer. But
that is as a matter of fact incorrect. You can use your regular savings account to make withdrawals.

The only reason you will need a domiciliary account is if you’re interested in receiving your funds in USD. If you use your regular savings account your funds will be credited to your bank account in Naira. However, I recommend you use a domiciliary account, as it will help you save a lot of money. The reason is, the conversion rate is quite unfriendly when you receive your money in naira.


  • Wire Transfer Method 

Login to your AdSense dashboard and click on payments. It is located in the left corner of your dashboard.

How To Easily Receive Adsense Payments In Nigeria

Among the cards you find one the tag “How you get paid”.

Click on “add a payment method”.

How To Easily Receive Adsense Payments In Nigeria

Like I said earlier, the two options all Nigerian AdSense publishers are provided with are Wire transfer and check.

To add a wire transfer, click on it.

How To Easily Receive Adsense Payments In Nigeria

Just make sure you fill in all the required details. If you don’t know your bank SWIFT BIC you can just Click Here.

Let’s Go

1. Beneficiary ID should be leave it blank. Leave the space empty.

2. Name on bank account is very important. Enter your full names the way they appear on your bank’s profile. If you are in doubt, check your last email received from your bank to confirm it. I.e {BABANGIDA MOHAMMED BALA }

3. Bank name needs to be there too. If you are using First Bank, fill the space with {First Bank Of Nigeria LTD} .

4. Swift Bic Code is highly important as well. Every bank has its own unique international identifier code. Scroll up to get code ascribed to your bank. For instance, First bank uses {FBNINGLA}

5. Account number should be there too. Enter the 10 digit account number. In the next space provided, repeat the same.

Welcome to the next phase. Ignore intermediary bank, FFC or FBO. Decide whether you want to use the account as primary account if you have more than one account registered already.

6. Click on the blue rectangle that occupies the word “Save ” Meanwhile, it might actually do you some good to go over it one more time to ensure all are correct. And once you’re done filling in the details, hit the save button.

Adsense payment taking longer ?

I have tips for you Once you are in line to receive Google AdSense payment, payment is sent every 21st of each month. For instance, if you are able to make $100 or more this month, your payment will be sent on the 21st of next month.

You are expected to wait for 5 business days after receiving a google notification concerning your payment. To get paid quickly, you will need to contact your bank. Some times, the bank may request for a telex copy or receipt of the transfer to help process your payment fast.

To get your payment receipt, Go to AdSense homepage.

Click on payments. Tap on view transactions to open payment history. On this page, you can access all detailed transactions. Click on the successful payment to get your receipt. You will see something like this, “Automatic payment: Wire transfer to bank account…”

Screen grab your payment receipt and share with your bank. This will help them to track your payment fast.

Check [Cheque] Method

Adding check as your withdrawal method is very easy. But, as noted earlier, I don’t recommend using this method.

Click on add new check details.

How To Easily Receive Adsense Payments In Nigeria

This form should by default fetch the details of your billing address. You can have your check mailed to an address different from your billing address. I have shared with you the easy ways you can receive your AdSense earnings in Nigeria.

If you have further questions, you can relay them using the comment section of this post. Better still, let me hear your views. Do you agree that bank wire is the best option for Nigerians to receive AdSense payments or you disagree?


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