How to Get Audiomack Authenticated and Verified

How to Get Audiomack Authenticated and Verified

How to Get Audiomack Authenticated and Verified – Here you can see the processes which you’re expected to follow to create and get your audiomack account authenticated. Put it at the back of your mind that audiomack authentication needs some certain procedures to be followed before getting the account authenticated.

Here are the steps to follow to create your audiomack account first.

1. Use your chrome, Firefox or any audiomack supported browser and search for audiomack on Google or directly log on to the official audiomack website,

2. After the page or website has loads then click on SIGN IN once you click on it then

3. Pay attention to the screen because you’ll be taken where you’ll sign-in that’s if you’re already an existing user or where you’ll sign up that’s if you’re creating the account for the first time. If creating the account for the first time choose a convenient way if signing up by using GOOGLE ACCOUNT, TWITTER, FACEBOOK & APPLE ID.

4. Assuming you want to create the account with just your email them insert your email address in the section provided and click CONTINUE.

5. Once you’re done after clicking the CONTINUE button then your account will be created instantly after you’ve confirm or verify your email address.

How to Get Verified on Audiomack

Audiomack is a fast growing music streaming service that is designed to support artists and build up their professional career. When verified by Audiomack, creators receive a unique grey check mark to distinguish them as a serious and authentic creator.

The verification process for Audiomack is similar to their competitor, Soundcloud; but there are also some significant distinctions to be made between them.

Audiomack has a “Creators Program’ that allows verified artists to monetize off the music they post on the platform. First and foremost before an artist can enter the Creators Program, they must be verified.

Here are the requirements you must meet in order to apply for verification:


1. Completed profile with recent profile picture and header Links to as many socials as possible.

2. A social media presence that is a positive reflection your artist career.

3. At least five (5) official releases.

4. Also mentioned on the website they note that, “having 500,000 plays and 1,000 followers makes you eligible for consideration, but verification is still not guaranteed. Users caught buying plays or followers will automatically be banned from the process…”

With being said, meeting these requirements is not a guarantee your profile will be authenticated. Audiomack will further do their own research to determine eligibility. Because of this, we’ve researched some tips and ways to help increase your chances of becoming verified.

Before Applying for Audiomack Verification

On Audiomack’s website, they clearly state that even if you meet all the requirements and criteria to be verified, there is still a chance you will not be accepted. Here are some things to take into consideration before applying for verification that will help your odds of being accepted:


1. You need to have an original profile picture that isn’t blurred or from the internet. It should be high quality and unique to you, showing your artist photo or logo.

2. The bio/ description of your account should be well written (include points that help your profile stand out and attract more viewers).

3. The more social media accounts you have linked, the better.

4. Add links, articles, or any proof that shows you have a strong online presence.

5. Rack up over 5 tracks, over 1,000 followers, & over 500,000 plays. You’ll want to exceed the minimum amount of traction required to help you stand out further.

6. Only upload original content and copyrighted material that you own.

If you have met all of Audiomack’s criteria and have taken the extra steps mentioned above, your chances of being Audiomack verified are more likely than not. Now you’ll need to follow through with the actual application process.

Before you can even send in a verification application, the platform requires you to have at least 2 uploads and 25 followers.

If you have these requirements, the application link can be found on the Audiomack for Creators dashboard. The process is very simple and will give you step by step instructions on how to submit. Once submitted, it can take around five to seven days to receive feedback on your application.

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