How to Recover a Disabled Opay Account

How to Recover a Disabled Opay Account

In this very short and precise post, I am going to show you how you can recover your disabled opay account fast, this is going to be a complete tutorial so you don’t have to look elsewhere after reading it. Pay attention to all the things mentioned in this post and you will surely be able to recover your opay account that is disabled.

We will talk about a few related things to help you even more, but if you prefer to jump right to the guide, you can do so using the table of contents below.

Opay is a great payment service that is available for everyone, even those without BVN can still sign up for opay and enjoy the amazing services that they

Over the past few years, many people have developed an interest in opay, this has caused many people to research more about the payment service so they can decide if it is the right choice for them.

For that reason, I have written a handful of posts about opay, so feel free to check them out, the links to the posts can be found on this page.

Aside making research about opay, some opay users have complained about things like my opay account is disabled, why can’t I transfer money from my opay account? and so on.

In this post, I will mostly focus on recovering a disabled opay account, so without wasting time, let’s proceed.

Why is my Opay account disabled?

If you’re using your opay account for things like fraud, illegal transactions, etc, it will cause your Opay account to be disabled. However, sometimes your opay account may be disabled for something you didn’t do, in this case, you can easily recover your Opay account.

There’s no doubt that some opay users are using opay for fraudulent activities because opay is free to use and anyone with a smartphone can create an account, for this reason, some people have taken advantage of the payment service.

Opay as a payment service, they are doing there best to keep its services safe and transparent, so whenever they notice any slight error in its account activities, they take time to check and verify that things are going the way they should.

How to recover a disabled Opay account

To recover your opay account, simply call opay customer service and explain to them that your account was disabled by mistake, they may ask you to provide your opay account number and the date your account was disabled.

So if possible, write all the details on a piece of paper for easy reference, after they are done talking with you, they will go on to cross-check your account activities and help you recover your account.

Opay customer care service is excellent because of their prompt response to calls and text messages, although, you should always consider calling them rather than sending them a text message.

How to contact Opay customer care

Opay customer care phone number is +2347008888328, and their email address is With their phone number and email address, you can call or email them on their working days and you will get a prompt response.

How to keep my opay account safe to avoid being disabled

If you want to keep your Opay account from being disabled, then keep using your opay account for transparent transactions, whenever you encounter an error when making transactions, you should contact opay customer care and they will help you out.

I have been using opay for more than a year now, and I must commend their excellent service, if you are not yet using opay, I will encourage you to give them a try.


So, that’s all I have to share with you on this subject, I hope this article was able to help you recover your opay account, if you enjoyed reading this post, please share it with others on social media.

And if you have questions regarding this post, you can leave them in the comments section and I will take out time to reply to you. Thank you for reading this post, and I hope to see you next time around, have a nice day.


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