“I wasn’t ready for fame when ‘baby’ blew” – Joeboy

I wasn’t ready for fame when ‘baby’ blew Joeboy

Notable Nigerian singer, Joeboy admits to the struggle of adjusting to fame as he wasn’t prepared when he skyrocketed to stardom.

During a discussion on the latest episode of the Afrobeats Intelligence Podcast, Joeboy described his fame as sudden.

He expressed shock at the rapid international success of his debut hit song, ‘Baby’, which became a sensation within just three months of its release.

Reflecting on his unexpected rise to fame, Joeboy revealed that he hadn’t anticipated being recognized by people so soon.

In his words;
“I wasn’t ready when ‘Baby’ blew. I had to adapt to get used to fame. It was so sudden. I dropped the song [‘Baby’] in March [2019], and by June I was already doing shows in countries I thought they don’t listen to Nigerian music. Countries like Tanzania, and Uganda. In three months!”

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