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Jim Iyke spills, Why my biological father chased me away from home

Jim Iyke spills, Why my biological father chased me away from home Jim Iyke spills

Jim Iyke spills, Why my biological father chased me away from home  – Nigerian actor, Jim Iyke has spoken out for the first time about why his father sent him away from his home. During an interview, the acclaimed actor revealed that he was fortunate to have his mother’s support after his father chased him out of the house for getting involved in acting..

His father wanted him to take his studies seriously, but he was only interested in acting, according to the actor.

He said:
”I was a straight A student and my parent had already planned my life. I was about 18 and a half when I finished
my first degree. The whole plan was I should get my MBA. My dad’s boss is American so he already had a setup.

“I came home one day and said; I think I really want to be an actor, it became unbearable to stay at home. One day,
my dad woke up and told me that there cannot be two captains on the ship.

“It was either I take one year, go do whatever nonsense I wanted to do, come back, and then we set the course again
or I leave his house. So I left but my mother started supporting and I think that is what makes mothers as unique as they are “.

“I Grew Up as The Only Boy Among 11 Women and I’ve Dated Women from All Races, Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke, popular Nollywood actor, has made news after admitting his adventurous side with women. The star revealed this during an appearance on Chinasa Anukam’s Is “This Seat Taken” audiovisual podcast.

The actor said that he has dated ladies of many races, claiming that he has lived in three countries and has extensively dated people of various races.

Jim Iyke remarked during the podcast that he has always been adventurous and enjoys experiencing and live life to the fullest. As a result, he dated women from a variety of backgrounds, religions, and races, both romantically and casually.

He claims to have met people of almost every religion and race.

He said,
“I have dated extensively. I have dated across different.races. Because I’m always adventurous. I just want to experience and live life.

“So, I have lived in three countries. I’ve met different kinds of women from different walks of life, different races, different religions. There’s rarely a religion you point to or race that I have not been with either romantically or casual dating.”

Jim Iyke grew up as the only boy among 11 women, which he says influenced his views on women and relationships


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