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Watch Video; “Korra Obidi Used Me and Dumped Me”- Justin Dean Fumes at Ex-Wife, Reveals What Really Happened

Korra Obidi Used Me and Dumped Me Justin Dean Fumes at Ex-Wife Reveals What Really Happened

Korra Obidi Used Me and Dumped Me Justin Dean Fumes at Ex-Wife Reveals What Really Happened – The ex-husband of Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi, Justin Dean recently turned to social media to clear up some misconceptions about their relationship. In a live stream, the US chiropractor said he met Korra in China and their love grew within weeks.

He said that Korra was earning very little at the time, and her employment hardly gave her enough time to pursue her passion for singing and dance. As a result, he recommended her look into content creation as a way to fully leverage her talents.

Justin recalled advising Korra to migrate to Los Angeles, a city known for its growing entertainment business. The father of two stressed that he provided her with unwavering moral support, especially during the times when she felt discouraged due to the initial low engagement on her content creations.

He mentioned that he actively participated in Korra’s content creation journey by being practically involved in various aspects. Justin said he assisted with filming, editing, and brainstorming ideas to make her content more appealing to online users.

Justin expressed bitter disappointment, lamenting that despite all his endeavors to promote her brand, all he received in return from his ex-wife was defamation and hate.

He supported his claims by presenting evidence of Korra Obidi’s earnings in a month, totaling $85,000. Justin insinuated that her behavior changed negatively after she achieved success.

Captioning his Facebook post, Justin wrote; “Time to defend myself and tell my side of story, I’m tired of the lies”

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The American had accused the entertainer of infidelity, narcissism, and accountability.

Korra, in a live video, claimed that the problem in their marriage started when Dean began to feel entitled to the money she makes off her social media pages.


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