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Music Legend Wyclef Jean, Others Partner Nigerian Gov’t To Unveil National Tech Infrastructure

Music Legend Wyclef Jean, Others Partner Nigerian Gov’t To Unveil National Tech Infrastructure

Music Legend Wyclef Jean Others Partner Nigerian Gov’t To Unveil National Tech Infrastructure – Renowned musician and co-founder of Caribbean International Commerce, Wyclef Jean, in collaboration with the Etsu Nupe and chairman, Niger State Council of Traditional Rulers and chairman, Coordinating Committee of National Council of Traditional Rulers of Nigeria, HRH Alh. (Dr) Yahaya Abubakar, are partnering with both State and Federal Governments to introduce a ground breaking technology infrastructure initiative.

The project, they said, was poised to transforming Nigeria’s technological landscape.

A statement jointly signed by Princess Jamila Yahaya Abubakar of Imperial Heritage International Investments Nigeria Ltd and Seth Kanegis, Caribbean International Commerce co-founder, said this visionary endeavour encompasses a multifaceted approach to elevate the
nation’s technological prowess, comprising a state-of-the- art Technology and Infrastructure Park, Agbara Electric Vehicle (EV) Car Manufacturing.

It would also comprise Technical and Resource Support Hub, and pioneering advancements in key sectors such as
FinTech, MedTech, Media, Music Development, Blockchain Technology, and Smart Cities using electric producing glass powered by EnergyGlassSolar and other.

The cornerstone of this initiative is the establishment of the cutting-edge Technology and Infrastructure Park, the
statement said.

It added that this dynamic hub will serve as a catalyst for innovation, fostering collaboration among industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and startups.

“Designed to facilitate groundbreaking research and development, the park will showcase the latest in technological advancements and provide an environment conducive to nurturing novel ideas, while creating tens of thousands of digital training opportunities for Nigerians.

“In line with the global shift towards sustainable transportation, the EV Car Manufacturing segment of the initiative will contribute to reducing Nigeria’s carbon footprint while driving economic growth. This initiative aligns with Wyclef Jean’s commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation.

“The Technical and Resource Support Hub, an integral component of this initiative, will offer vital resources and guidance to aspiring startups and inventors across various domains, including FinTech, MedTech, Media, Music Development, and Blockchain Technology.

Through mentorship, funding opportunities, and access to proprietary
technologies, the hub aims to cultivate a thriving ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship”, it stated further. The organisers said Wyclef Jean’s passion for music and artistic expression will play a crucial role in enhancing Nigeria’s creative industries.

The initiative includes a dedicated focus on Blockchain Music Development and Media, ensuring that Nigeria’s rich
cultural heritage remains at the forefront of global artistic innovation.

“Furthermore, the introduction of Smart Cities technologies will revolutionize governance, security, and urban planning, solidifying Nigeria’s position as a technological frontrunner on the African continent.

“Wyclef Jean expressed his enthusiasm for this landmark initiative, stating, “Together with the Etsu Nupe and the
Nigerian government, we are embarking on a journey that will redefine Nigeria’s technological landscape. This initiative not only paves the way for progress but also empowers the next generation of innovators to shape a brighter future.”

“HRH Alh. (Dr) Yahaya Abubakar, CFR (Etsu Nupe) shared his optimism, saying, “Collaborating with Wyclef Jean and the
Nigerian government in bringing this initiative to life is a testament to our shared commitment to driving technological innovation and fostering economic growth.”

“The Nigerian government has demonstrated its unwavering support for this transformative endeavor, recognizing its potential to propel the nation towards becoming a global technological leader.

“As Nigeria embarks on this groundbreaking technology infrastructure initiative, the world watches in anticipation of the positive impact it will undoubtedly have on Nigeria’s economic development, technological advancements, and cultural vibrancy bringing thousands of new job opportunities throughout Nigeria as it grows. The Initiative is said to be in its final stages, just needing final Government approval”, the release added.

Wyclef Jean and his team said this project is poised to benefitting the young people especially in entertainment space. This project which has the support of other notable entertainers including, The Fugees, Destinychild, Shakira, Carlos Santana and others will raise the bar of music incubator that will be created not only in the music space but acting.

Those spearheading this project said it would create a renewed hope in the minds of the Nigerian youth as the floodgate will be opened for creation of rappers, singers, artist musicians, composers and more in a bid to help them achieve economic freedom.

“Think of how Tyler Perry has a studio to enhance the black actors in America. This will yield a similar outcome”, they


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