Nigerians now eligible to earn in US Dollars

Nigerians now eligible to earn in US Dollars

The current economic situation all over the world especially Nigeria is getting serious, the purchasing power of individuals diminishes on a daily basis and we are all worried. Basic necessities like food, water, transportation, electricity and many others are now beyond the reach of the general population.

Based on facts, research and available data, we can confirm with all certainty that there are business opportunities that allows regular individuals to earn in foreign currencies especially the US Dollars. One of such businesses is the
premium domain business; we will explain it in detail how so many Nigerians are earning thousands of dollars with this
business model, it is not complicated in any way.

Our firm commitment to our readers is that we will expose them to opportunities that will immensely benefit them.

What are premium domains?

Over 500,000 new businesses are set up in the United States every year, similar to other advanced countries. Majority of
these new businesses require a premium domain name.

Premium domains are short, catchy, easy to remember, brand able and highly sought after. Aside from the listed characteristics of these names, there is also something that makes them stand out- the cost; these names come at a
premium price.

Below are some of the profits some people like you made selling these premium domains, Google any of them to verify.


  • — $49.7 million

  • — $35.6 million

  • — $35 million

  • — $30.18 million

  • — $30 million

  • — $18 million

  • — $17 million

  • — $16 million


How does the business model work?

As you can tell from the sold domains, buyers are always willing to pay top amount for these domain names, this is
where you come in as a smart individual, these premium domains are usually sold at a significantly low amount at the discount club, so for example, you acquire a few premium domains for as low as $1500-$4000, you go back and resell in the global market for as much as $18,000 to $70,000 depending on the value of the domain you acquired.

Those in the global market waiting to buy are those companies and businesses we described above.

How much are these domains sold for and will I be looking for buyers?

At no point will you be looking for a buyer, the backend team of the discount club has a dedicated team in California
responsible for the negotiation and sales of the premium domain to the final end user. They charge a commission ONLY
when the domain is finally sold.

As stated above, premium domains can be acquired for as low as $2000 and resold for as much as $60,000, while the profit margin may appear unbelievable, that is what individuals involved in the premium domain business earn on a regular basis.

How do I select a premium domain name?

Good question. In the business of buying and selling premium domain names, it is strongly advised you go with the recommendation of your dedicated account manager who can provide valuable insights on the domains, an account manager is usually assigned to you the moment you are approved and granted access to the discount club, you are in good hands with them.

Are there any guarantees?

Absolutely, premium domains are a genuine means of earning legitimately, you buy and it is resold for you. This is one thing our team is committed to achieving for our clients. We have
testimonials and reviews from individuals all over the world that have benefitted from this. One thing you will experience is how transparent the entire process is. Click here to start

How do I get paid?

The decision is yours, some clients insist on dollar payments while others simply want their local currency. There is a backend admin provided as soon as you become a client, you are able to add such things as your bank details, currency selection, price you want your new domain sold for etc.

Can I acquire more than one domain?

Absolutely, as a matter of fact many successful individuals insist they acquired 3 or more premium domains, simply ask your account manager for recommendations as they are qualified to guide you to success.

Are there people doing this?

Yes thousands of people buy premium domains on a weekly basis. As a matter of fact, clients from UK, Canada, Ireland, USA, UAE, Qatar, Malaysia and many other countries are actively involved in this.

Are there testimonials?

Absolutely, as a reputable organization, our goal is to educate you with the right and authentic information at all times, while we will not consider this as a money-doubling business, it is a great opportunity for you to earn in dollars.

Based on our extensive research and interviews with successful individuals, we have decided to share some of their experiences.

Chioma, Ontario

Chioma started business with Travads discount club in March 2023, she acquired a premium domain for $1500 and got it resold for $19700 in September 2023, She relocated to Canada in October 2023, she insists that the profit she generated helped her in no small way all through the relocation process. She acquired 2 more in January 2024.

Femi, Benue

His situation is completely different, he bought the domain on his hospital bed, he knew about the business many years ago but was hesitant due to fear of being scammed, he summoned up the courage to do this in late2022, acquired his first domain in January 2023, got the domain sold in July 2023 for a significant amount of profit.

Ade from Ekiti

Ade is a retired Assistant General Manager of a reputable bank in Nigeria, he started the business just before his retirement, he was introduced to the business by a friend while on a training in UK, he claims to have acquired and sold over 15 premium domains through the discount club of Travads since he started, he insists that all of them have been profitable beyond his imagination, while he declined to give the specificsnof all, he remembered the one he acquired for $3500 that sold for $72,000 in 2023. He is still doing the business and strongly recommends it.

Samson from Port Harcourt

Samson just like many others, they provide little information about the business and experience as they feel that it might become saturated if many people know about it. The only thing he said is, I used my profit to build a 18 room hotel here in my state. That’s how profitable the business is.

Aliyu from Kebbi

Aliyu is super excited about the business, he is a farmer, he acquired his first premium domain in April 2023 for $1800, it was sold by November 2023 for $22,000, In June 2023, he acquired 2 more for a total of $5000, one of them just sold in January 2024 while the last one is still waiting to be sold.

Chukwudi from Lagos

He acquired the domain from the discount club of Travads in September 2023 for $2000, though he was VERY skeptical since he was not used to this kind of business model, buying physical goods was his trade, his account manager at Travads was able to provide valuable and convincing information.

The backend team found a buyer for $13500, Chukwudi insisted that it should be sold despite advice from the negotiating team that they could still get a buyer for the value ($55,000) of the domain, he has mixed feelings of regret and excitement, he promised to be patient on his next purchase.

Boluwatife from Birmingham

She relocated to the UK with her family in 2021, started the premium domain business in December 2023, she acquired 2 domains but none have been sold at this time, she rejected an offer for $15,000 as she wants it sold at the price she listed it for at the backend.

How to start.

The first step will be to click here to get started and wait form approval which could take 3-5 business days.

Immediately after approval, you must reach out to an account manager and insist on a FAST-selling premium domain name.

The managers are able to recommend based on 2 factors, what they see at the backend and experience over the years. It is highly recommended you reach out to them before making any selection or purchase.

Final note:

If you live in Nigeria or a Nigerian in diaspora or just anyone currently looking for a legitimate and honest means of earning Dollars, premium domains is strongly recommended as it is tested and proven business model.

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