Skirt is Allowed in NYSC Camp?

Skirt is Allowed in NYSC Camp?

If you’re a female corps member gearing up for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) orientation camp and contemplating wearing a skirt, here’s what you need to know.

Why Skirt is Not Allowed in NYSC

The NYSC established a dress code in May 1973, aiming for uniformity, discipline, and decency. The code, not influenced by ethnicity, religion, or gender, includes khaki trousers, jacket, white T-shirt, shorts, socks, canvas shoes, crested vest, and a fez cap for female corps members. Skirts are excluded due to concerns about indecency during physical exercises and outdoor activities.

Consequences of Wearing Skirt in NYSC Camp

Violating the dress code can lead to disciplinary actions, ranging from warnings and extra drills to confinement or expulsion from the scheme. It’s crucial for corps members to adhere to the dress code to avoid these consequences.

Can I Wear a Skirt After the Orientation Camp?

Yes, skirts can be worn after the orientation camp when posted to the place of primary assignment (PPA). However, corps members should be aware that some PPAs may have their dress codes. Checking with the PPA supervisor or employer is advisable to ensure compliance with their rules and respecting local cultures.


Skirt is Allowed in NYSC Camp?

While skirts may be allowed post-orientation, considerations include adhering to PPA rules, respecting local cultures, and ensuring safety and comfort in different environments.

Corps members should be mindful of their attire to avoid offense or provocation.


In summary, skirts are not allowed in the NYSC camp to maintain decency during various activities. Corps members are urged to follow the dress code, wearing trousers during the orientation camp.

Skirts can be worn after the camp, but it’s essential to check PPA rules, respect local cultures, and ensure appropriateness for various environments. Adherence to these guidelines will contribute to a smooth NYSC experience.

Note: This post is based on the information provided and aims to offer insights into the NYSC dress code and related matters.


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