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“The examiners intervened” – Eye witness at Mmesoma Ejikeme’s JAMB exam hall shares what transpired on exam day

The examiners intervened Eye witness at Mmesoma Ejikeme’s JAMB exam hall shares what transpired on exam day – A witness who was in Mmesoma Ejikeme’s JAMB exam room that day has described their interactions with the troubled student.

Ilumina Light claims that the student’s computer malfunctioned, preventing her from continuing, and the examiners had to step in.

He added that she was still able to achieve a score of higher than 200 despite that. Nigerians were urged not to minimize her brilliance, he pleaded.

In his words:
“What you don’t know is this. MMESOMA actually scored 249, a high score that can gain admission easily. It doesn’t
stop there. During the CBT, her system developed glitches that took examiners quite some time to resolve before she
continued, to finish same time with others.

“To have scored that high despite probably not finishing, alongside the disorientation, is remarkable. Even more, she has reportedly being carrying first from primary to secondary school.

“This is a girl too passionate about, not just studying, but excelling. She has a mentality for perfection and gives her all to get it – therein was the danger by the devil, and a lesson to us all, in the manner we seek anything in life. Avoid desperation. “Watch her interviews, and see the confidence oozing out, though her intellect was masterfully deployed to hide the
truth, but then, if we condemn this little girl, we should equally take our minds back, to all those hurriedly sworn
Affidavits from fully knowledgeable adults, scattered in billions of papers across the Country.

“This young girl is filled with a rare brilliance we should harness for the growth of our society. We should not dim
the great lights we have, else we eventually end with darkness and won’t find our way nomore. “As for MMESOMA, I have no doubt that God shall live up
to his word and make her imperfection on this matter perfect unto his cause for her life.”


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