Top Nigerian Tech YouTube Channels To Watch Reviews 2023

Top Nigerian Tech YouTube Channels To Watch Reviews 2023

Top Nigerian Tech YouTube Channels To Watch Reviews 2023 – Every day, content creators start new YouTube channels to vlog, review products, and share expertise on a variety of genres and topics. For those who are more interested in technology and are looking for Nigerian tech YouTube channels, I’m happy to say that the platform offers some of the top Nigerian tech YouTubers.

The reporting supplied by media outlets, technology blogs, tech YouTubers, content creators, tech influencers, and others is one of the reasons for the rise of the Nigerian technology ecosystem. These channels have helped to raise brand recognition, boost brand credibility and authenticity, build connections with tech brands, and, most importantly, bridge the gap between products and

One of every tech enthusiast’s pastime would be to read tech articles on tech blogs and watch tech videos on YouTube on a daily basis. This keeps them up to date on the most recent technological information or developments.

List of Nigeria’s Top Tech YouTube Channels

This article examines a list of notable Nigerian tech YouTube channels to follow this year.

1. Fisayo Fosudo

Fisayo Fosudo is a leading Nigerian tech YouTuber. You’ll find fascinating and educational tech videos on his channel. He also gives presentations on smartphone reviews from famous companies in the country. There are also reviews of other gadgets, tutorials, and buyer tips. He has recently dedicated himself to this service as a Tech YouTuber. His videos have a high level of professionalism. His channel’s videos have excellent sound quality. More curiously, the videos on his channel are the type you’d want to watch on your smart TV while unwinding. It now fits the needs of many Nigerian tech aficionados.

In terms of numbers, Fisayo’s tech YouTube channel has over 257k subscribers and is still increasing. Furthermore, since the channel’s inception, there have been around 15.7 million video views. You may join his rising number of subscribers by searching for ‘Fisayo Fosudo’ on YouTube.

2. Fred’s Tech Hub

This is yet another fantastic tech YouTube platform that uses his channel to provide his members with some of the
most straightforward and straight forward smartphone evaluations available. Though Fred’s primary focus is smartphone reviews, he also offers tweaks and techniques for Windows, Androids, and even smartphone customization suggestions.

Fred’s Tech Hub had over 51k subscribers and over 6.7 million video views as of the time of publication. You may subscribe to this channel on YouTube by searching for ‘Fred’s Tech Hub.

3. Valor Reviews

our is one of the most popular Nigerian tech YouTube channels, and it’s because the founder, Olatunde Shobajo, provides interesting and concise tech material, which you won’t find from any other YouTuber on our list. When it comes to humour and technology content, Valor Reviews is a one-stop shop you can rely on.

Quality is another factor that has contributed to the success of this tech YouTube channel. This channel features reviews of cellphones from notable smartphone brands in Nigeria, as well as computers. Since its inception in 2019, the Valor Reviews YouTube channel has amassed over 73k followers and over 9 million views. Search for ‘Valor Reviews’ on YouTube to find this channel.

4. Okafor’s Channel

This is yet another fantastic Nigerian tech YouTube channel that provides its users with high-quality tech stuff. Okafor’s channel is one of the few that provide real-time reviews while remaining simple and modest. Despite the fact that he films his movies with an iPhone and edits them on a laptop, they are rather simple and lack the high-end video effects seen on certain tech channels. The regularity with which videos are released to this channel has garnered it a large following.

When you browse the channel, you will find reviews of smartphones from the top smartphone brands in Nigeria (Tecno, Infinix, Xiaomi, and others), as well as reviews of smartphones that can be purchased via Nigerian online retail outlets. Eric’s YouTube videos have received over 39 million views since his debut in 2014, the most of any Nigerian tech YouTuber. By searching for ‘Eric Okafor’ on YouTube, you can join the 185k+ other subscribers on his channel.

5. Misstechy

Misstechy is a YouTube channel owned by Tobi Ayeni that showcases the abilities of women in technology. Tobi Ayeni is one of the few female IT influencers today, in addition to being a YouTuber. Visit the MissTechy channel for a plethora of high-quality tech videos.
You will find smartphone reviews from prominent smartphone brands in Nigeria (Infinix, Tecno, Gionee, and so on). Aside from smartphone reviews, the MissTechy Channel also features miscellaneous gadget reviews.

Misstechy’s tech review channel has a large number of subscribers, and you may subscribe by searching ‘Misstechy’.

6. Oscarmini

Oscarmini is another Nigerian tech YouTuber that posts incredibly fascinating and informative tech videos. He discovers a technique to incorporate fantastic digital effects into his review video, which sets his channel apart from the rest. Oscar Frank, the owner of the technology blog, is behind Oscarmini.

His technology films assist his customers in making better purchasing judgments. Phones, watches, gaming devices, headsets, and other cutting-edge technology attract his interest. He has 47k+ subscribers on YouTube and has over 5 million views as of the time of this publishing. Search for ‘Oscarmini’ on YouTube to find this channel.


That’s all; you now have a comprehensive list to help you decide which Nigerian tech YouTube channels to follow for tech reviews. Don’t worry, this list was created based on the channel accomplishments of each of these tech leaders. Please post your suggestions for other Nigerian tech YouTube channels in the comments section below.

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