Why Do 3rd Class graduates Do Better than 1st Class Graduates?

Why Do 3rd Class graduates Do Better than 1st Class Graduates?

It’s evident that many 3rd class graduates achieve more success than their 1st class counterparts after school. Do you agree with this perspective?

This post invites you to contribute and share your insights on life after school, especially if you’re a student or a graduate. Your thoughts on this topic can be valuable for others, so feel free to participate and spread the discussion on social media.

There’s a common belief that 1st class students channel all their energy into obtaining high grades, assuming that academic success guarantees a smooth path in life. On the other hand, 3rd class students, aware of potential challenges in securing employment, seek alternative paths for survival.

As a result, a significant number of 3rd class graduates venture into entrepreneurship, while many 1st class graduates focus on pursuing traditional white-collar jobs. A professor from the University of Ghana emphasizes that academic achievements alone do not determine financial success or professional excellence.

“You could graduate as the best student in Finance, but it doesn’t guarantee earning more money than others.

Similarly, the best graduating Law student may not necessarily become the best lawyer,” the professor notes.

The essence of life extends beyond the ability to memorize and reproduce information in exams. School often rewards memory, while life rewards imagination and innovation. Caution is applauded in academia, but daring actions are celebrated in the journey of life.

Those who break the rules and set new ones often find success beyond the confines of conventional expectations. Life is not solely defined by academic grades; examples like Nigeria’s President Buhari and public figures like Rotimi Amaechi, Peter Obi, and Dino allegedly graduating with 3rd class degrees challenge the conventional narrative.

The message is clear: focus on acquiring skills beyond your certificate. Now, what are your thoughts on this discussion? Share your insights in the comments section below. The most compelling comments will be acknowledged and rewarded!


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