Aminu Saleh College NCE Certificate Collection | Update for Graduates

Aminu Saleh College NCE Certificate Collection Update for Graduates

A significant update for alumni: Aminu Saleh College of Education, Azare, has announced the commencement of the National Certificate in Education (NCE) certificate collection.

If you have completed your NCE program at the College up to the year 2019, the institution has confirmed that your certificates are now ready for collection. This marks a pivotal moment in your educational journey, signifying the culmination of your hard work and dedication.

Collecting Your NCE Certificates: Steps to Follow

Certificate Availability

  • The College’s academic unit will start issuing the certificates from Monday, 4th December 2023. As a graduate, you are urged to take the necessary steps to claim your certificate, which serves as a testament to your academic achievement.

Certificate Collection Fee

  • Payment Instructions: You are requested to pay a fee of Two Thousand Naira (₦2,000) for the certificate. It is imperative that this payment is made through Remita, ensuring a secure and verifiable transaction.

How to Ensure a Smooth Collection Process

  • Verify Personal Details: Before you visit, ensure your personal details are correct and align with the College’s records.
  • Prepare Necessary Identification: Carry a valid form of identification and any other documents that the College may require to verify your graduate status.
  • Adhere to Payment Guidelines: Follow the stipulated payment procedure via Remita to avoid any complications.

Conclusion: Finalising Your Academic Milestones

This notice serves as a call-to-action for all concerned graduates of Aminu Saleh College of Education, Azare. The availability of your NCE certificates is a stride towards finalising the academic chapters of your life and moving forward with your professional aspirations.

Act Now: With the certificates ready for collection, ensure to settle the required fee promptly and prepare to visit the College’s academic unit. It’s time to claim the symbol of your educational accomplishments.


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