Ezoic Requirements, How To Make More Money From Your Blog

Ezoic Requirements How To Make More Money From Your Blog

Ezoic Requirements How To Make More Money From Your Blog – What Is Ezoic Ezoic is a tool that allows website owners and publishers to earn money from their content. It’s basically an ad network, so it works similarly to Google AdSense or MediaVine.

Unlike other networks, Ezoic uses AI to help improve the user experience on your site. That can help people stay on your site, allowing you to increase your revenue.

There are many tools you can use from Ezoic to determine how and where to place ads on your website. The company claims it can help you earn more, and you can get started at any time.

Ezoic Requirements For Publishers

If you want to test out Ezoic for your website or blog, you must meet specific requirements. Luckily, the platform removed the requirement of 10,000 monthly pageviews. That means you can start using the ads much sooner, with only a small amount of published blogs and website visitors.

Even as a relatively new blog that’s less than a year old, you can start earning money with Ezoic. This is a screenshot of earnings and website visitors from one of my blogs. This may seem like a small amount of money, but the blog is only 9 months old.

This amount of money pays for hosting for my new blog, plus the research tools and other bits and pieces that I need to run a blog.

Ezoic Requirements, How To Make More Money From Your Blog

However, you do need to meet certain other requirements as a blogger to run display ads through Ezoic. Here’s what you need to do to join Ezoic and place ads on your website.

Follow Google’s Policies

As a Google Partner, Ezoic requires you to follow Google’s Policies for ads. This means you can’t encourage people to click on the ads. Your site also has to have reliable traffic sources, and it shouldn’t redirect people to undesirable pages.

If your site contains copyrighted content, illegal content, or counterfeit goods, you can’t join Ezoic. You also can’t join if your site is about adult topics, alcohol, or aggressive or threatening topics.

Meet AdSense Requirements

Another requirement you have to meet is that of Google AdSense. You don’t have to apply to AdSense, but you’ll need to have plenty of content on your site. Content must be original and interesting to readers. Also, your site must be in a language that Google AdSense supports.

If Google AdSense has banned your site, you may need to wait until they lift the ban. Then, you’ll have a better chance of Ezoic approving your website for its

Ezoic Levels

When you join Ezoic, you can move through different levels. Higher levels offer more options for monetization, but they also come with more requirements. If you’re wondering, “How much you can make with Ezoic?” you should consider the levels to determine this.

Access Now

Since Ezoic got rid of its pageview requirement, you can join with no pageviews. However, if your traffic is less than 10,000 views per month, you’ll join with the Access Now program . This level lets you monetize your site with Core Ad Partners.

The Access Now Levels Dashboard

Ezoic Requirements, How To Make More Money From Your Blog

Level 1

Once you reach 10,000 pageviews and $50 in monthly earnings, you can advance to Level 1. This grants you access to the Level Up Learning Program to help increase page views.

Level 2

At Level 2, you’ll need 20,000 to 30,000 pageviews a month. You’ll also need to earn $200 to $300 in monthly revenue. This level grants you access to the A+ Ad Partners program so that you can earn even more from your site.

Level 3

When you get 50,000 to 75,000 pageviews and earn $500 to $750, you join Level 3. You’ll get more support and access to A++ Ad Partners. This is also where you’ll get individual help when you need it.

Level 4

It can take a bit longer to reach 250,000 to 500,000 monthly pageviews. Once you get there and start earning $2,500 to $5,000 a month, you can reach Level 4. This level comes with access to experts and other features.


The VIP program is available by invite only, and you need to make at least $10,000 a month from your site. Other than the earnings requirement, this level appears to be the same as Level 4.

How to Join Ezoic

When you’ve met the requirements, you can join Ezoic. You can join whether or not you’ve run ads on your website before or not. Here are the steps you can take to join Ezoic and start showing ads on your website.

Create an Account

You can sign up for an Ezoic account online. It should take only a minute or two to create your login information. However, you’ll need to wait up to 24 hours or so before you can continue. Ezoic needs to review your website and content to ensure you aren’t violating any of its rules.

Complete Site Integration

Once Ezoic approves your site, you’ll need to complete the setup process. If your traffic is less than 10,000 views a month, you’ll do this with Access Now. You can integrate your site using Cloudflare or by updating your name servers. To use Cloudflare, you’ll need a Cloudflare account.

Since Ezoic and Cloudflare are partners, all you’ll need to do is enter your Cloudflare information to integrate your site. If you prefer, you can update the name servers through your domain registrar. Look for something like “integration” within your domain account. Click on “cloud integration” or similar to connect your site to Ezoic.

You can also integrate your site using a WordPress plugin. This option is excellent if you want to automate the setup process. However, this plugin allegedly won’t give you as many features as integrating in another way. If you have enough traffic, Ezoic will help you with the onboarding process. Level 1 sites will qualify for group onboarding. If your site is a Level 2 or above, you’ll get individual onboarding assistance.

Ezoic Requirements, How To Make More Money From Your Blog

How Ezoic Compares to Other Ad Networks When reviewing Ezoic requirements, you may wonder how it compares to other ad networks. This is important if you’re trying to decide, “Is Ezoic worth it?

Before you start with Ezoic or go with another network, consider the requirements of other popular ad networks.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense has very similar requirements to Ezoic. You don’t need to have a specific number of page views, but you do have to follow Google’s policies. The platform can deny your website for various reasons. However, you can reapply to start placing ads on your website.

Another thing to note is that you can earn a bit more with Ezoic compared to AdSense. Since Ezoic tests ads regularly, it can help determine where to place ads for the best earning potential.


Another popular ad network for blogs and websites is MediaVine. The most significant difference here is that you need at least 50,000 sessions. However, like Ezoic, you can earn more per view than with Google AdSense. Your website also must be of good quality, and you should have engaging long-form content.

Even if you don’t use Google AdSense now, your account must be in good standing. Since the network requires a certain number of visits, you may need to wait before you can join MediaVine.

In Summary – Ezoic Requirements

When deciding how to monetize your site, you may wonder about Ezoic requirements. The ad network is accessible to websites of all sizes, and you can earn more than with some other networks.

Be sure to consider how to join in order to meet the requirements. Then, you’ll have a better chance of getting approved the first time you join.


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