How To Create A Whatsapp Link In Three Ways

How To Create A Whatsapp Link In Three Ways

How To Create A Whatsapp Link In Three Ways – In Nigeria, WhatsApp is present on the bulk of smartphone users’ devices. By all measures, WhatsApp is the most popular instant chat service in the nation. As a company owner who is aware of WhatsApp’s widespread use, you would probably concur that using it to improve your marketing campaigns.

It will enable prospective clients to contact you with a single click. The preferred method of contact for your leads is through a click, as opposed to saving your phone number for them to join you on WhatsApp. Continue reading to discover how to make a WhatsApp connection for your Nigerian company.

Three Ways To Create A Whatsapp Link

We’ll go over three approaches to setting up a WhatsApp connection in Nigeria. The first method entails physical labor, while the second calls for the use of a website that generates WhatsApp links. The third choice entails manually generating a WhatsApp link with a personalized greeting.

1. Creating A Whatsapp Link Manually

Creating a WhatsApp link using this technique is simple as long as you use the format we’ll be giving you. A WhatsApp link can be made using the following basic formula: WhatsApp number. You would need to use your WhatsApp number in the international style without the plus (+), brackets, or dashes. For example, if your number is 08025077766, you would need to use 23480250777766 when manually making a WhatsApp link.

2. Using A Whatsapp Link Generator Website

This is an additional way to connect your WhatsApp account in Nigeria. This approach requires you to search the internet for websites that let you make a WhatsApp link by simply entering the WhatsApp link for your company.

Furthermore, if you so choose, you can also include a personalized greeting. You can create a WhatsApp link for your company using one of the many services on the internet.

We will talk how to use these WhatsApp link generator websites after choosing two of these websites that we trust. The first website we suggest is the free-to-use name.

Follow the steps below to create a WhatsApp link on the domain:

  • Click on to access the website.
  • Enter the WhatsApp number for your company in the space provided.
  • Give your potential customers a message they can communicate to you if you want to add a personalized message to your WhatsApp link.
  • To finish, select “Generate my” from the menu.

A link would show on the screen right away, ready for you to copy. You would use the link that appears in your marketing effort to encourage your clients to WhatsApp direct message you.

You would need the premium edition if you wanted to keep track of the statistics for each link you made on the domain. In other terms, using this feature will cost you money.

3. Veepar website

The Veepar website ( is the second WhatsApp link creator we suggest.

However, you would need to register for an account with the website first before using the Veepar domain to make a WhatsApp link.

Log into your recently created Veepar account after successfully registering on the website, which should take no more than two minutes.

Follow these steps to generate your WhatsApp link:

  • Go to to access the Veepar website.
  • Enter your phone number in the website’s relevant section. Your number must be provided in the foreign format, though. Use the 234 code, in other words, when providing your WhatsApp number.
  • Give your customers a personalized message to convey to you. (Optional)
  • To finish the procedure, click “Get Link.”
  • Share the generated link wherever you want your prospective customers to see it by copying it.

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