Replace HND with B.Tech – Rector appeals to FG

Replace HND with B.Tech Rector appeals to FG

The Rector of the Federal Polytechnic, Ayede Ogbomosho, Oyo State, Dr. (Engr.) Taofeek Adekunle Abdul-hameed has appealed to President Bola Tinubu to replace the Higher National Diploma, HND with a Bachelor of Technology, B.Tech for the sake of indigent students across the country.

Abdul-Hameed during a live radio programme in Ibadan on Saturday, stated that a league of Rectors has resolved and clamoured for the replacement of HND with B.Tech to balance the dichotomy, stressing that both undergraduates and lecturers at the Polytechnics are as good as their counterparts in the universities.

The rector said that acquisition of technical skill and entrepreneurship contribute more to the economic development and growth of the nation than degrees, citing China and the United Arab Emirates as examples of growing economies which depend on the skills and abilities of its citizens for survival.

He mentioned that the Polytechnics inject their undergraduates with technical practicals and emphasise more entrepreneurship.

Saying that there is a scarcity of White-collar jobs which is rationale behind acquitting students in one or two skills for them to be self-employed after graduation.

According to him: “Entrepreneurship and employability have been our core focuses due to the fact that jobs aren’t any where. Unlike universities, we cannot be giving out A4 paper diplomas without a Skill.

Institutions that lay emphasis on entrepreneurship, you will see many of their graduates have skills they rely on rather than looking for white-collar jobs.”

The way out is for the president to assent the bill and cancel the HND to B.Tech programme or else the disparity will continue. We hope that President Bola Tinubu signs the bill soon since last administration failed to do so.”

Abdul-Hameed, on approved Student Loan, lauded the Federal Government for making education accessible to the indigent students who have a shortfall of funds to support their academics. Noting that scholarship and education loans are something people use to access education at all levels.

He added that the tuition fee should be low and students should also be permitted to take an interest-free loan.

“As long as the students are getting a loan from their various institutions, they should be acquitted with skill acquisitions so that they would be able to pay back after 2 years or graduation.”

“I want to believe that 2yrs is sufficient for students, even if it is not, the government does not make it mandatory. The loan can be renewed or extended,” he said.


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