AdsKeeper 2024 Review – Native Advertising Network

AdsKeeper 2023 Review Native Advertising Network

AdsKeeper, founded in 2013, is a rapidly growing ad recommendation platform that caters to the needs of direct advertisers, media agencies, and affiliates. By partnering with over 3,000 publishers, AdsKeeper helps advertisers reach an engaged audience through personalized content recommendations.

AdsKeeper for Publishers

Monetize Your Audience with AdsKeeper: Display native recommendation ads on your website to generate revenue from unexpected places. AdsKeeper offers monetization opportunities for traffic from any device worldwide.

  • Ad Recommendation Units: Leveraging artificial intelligence, AdsKeeper selects content that visitors are most likely to engage with based on their behavioral patterns on other websites. Ad formats include native ad recommendations, push recommendations, and programmatic integrations.
  • Publisher Platform Approval Process: The AdsKeeper Publisher platform is well-suited for websites with a daily reach of 3,000+ unique visitors (or 90,000+ visitors per month). Website approval or rejection decisions are communicated via the provided email within 24 hours of application submission. Moderation occurring on weekends will be processed on the next business day.
  • Payment Terms: All payments are issued on a monthly basis according to the NET30 and other payment terms which could be discussed after some period of successful cooperation. NET30 means that earnings from the previous month will be paid by the end of the current month.

AdsKeeper for Advertisers

  • Self-Served Campaigns: Enjoy an easy-to-navigate platform that allows you to run and optimize your campaigns. Features include an intuitive dashboard for setup and optimization, traffic insights, bid recommendation engine, and wide targeting options.
  • Fully Managed Campaigns: Let AdsKeeper take care of your campaign, ensuring it meets your key performance indicators (KPIs) and budget goals. Services include campaign and tracking setup, in-house ad creation, campaign optimization, and the creation of unique funnels for your offers.
  • Benefits of Using AdsKeeper: With AdsKeeper, advertisers can benefit from wide targeting options, real-time statistics, selective bidding, retargeting capabilities, and the
    availability of macros for advanced customization.
  • Tracking Options in AdsKeeper: AdsKeeper offers several tracking options to analyze traffic performance within your dashboard. These options include Pixel (JS) integration if you have access to the offer’s page source code, Postback (S2S) integration if you don’t have source code access, or integration with Google Analytics.

How to Exclude Low-Performing Publishers

AdsKeeper provides two options for optimizing ad campaigns based on publishers’ performance. This section focuses on the second option: blocking low-performing publishers.

  • Optimize by Adjusting Bids: Fine-tune your campaign by adjusting the bid of specific placements to maximize performance.
  • Optimize by Excluding Publishers: Boost your return on ad spend (ROAS) by excluding publishers with low-performance. However, it’s important to use this feature judiciously to avoid significant traffic decrease.

Retargeting & Audiences

  • Audience Selection and Customization: AdsKeeper’s retargeting tool allows you to reengage audiences that have already interacted with your ads. Customize retargeting filters to target ads only to those who haven’t completed an online purchase, ensuring maximum conversion rates.
  • Reach and Depth of Retargeting: While other filters narrow down your audience, retargeting allows you to direct ads specifically to users interested in your site without significant losses. Sufficient data accumulation is crucial for successful retargeting campaigns.
  • Maximum Purchase Probability: With retargeting, your ads will reach potential customers at the moment they are most interested in making a purchase, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Rules-Based Optimization in AdsKeeper

AdsKeeper’s Rules-Based Optimization automates the process of campaign optimization and supports three types of rules:

  • Auto-Blocking: Block specific widgets or sub-sources when specified conditions are met.
  • Auto-Bidding: Adjust the CPC coefficient based on target values for specific parameters.
  • Fixed Bid: Set a predetermined CPC coefficient when specified conditions are met.

AdsKeeper Widgets’ Compatibility with Google AdSense AdsKeeper widgets are fully compatible with Google AdSense,
and both can be used together on the same page. It is recommended to combine AdSense with AdsKeeper ads for maximum effectiveness. Placing a native ad unit after the highest-earning AdSense unit or below an article can yield optimal results.

AdsKeeper offers a robust ad recommendation platform for both publishers and advertisers. Publishers can monetize their audience with native recommendation ads, while advertisers
can acquire new audiences that align with their offers. With a range of features such as retargeting, rules-based optimization, and compatibility with Google AdSense, AdsKeeper provides a comprehensive solution for effective advertising campaigns.


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