Npower Payroll Page – Meaning of Payment Data Not Available

Npower Payroll Page Meaning of Payment Data Not Available

A new page, known as the Npower Payroll Page, has been introduced to the Nasims portal, accessible through beneficiaries’ dashboards. For those who have logged into their profile dashboard, the appearance of “No Payment Data Available” has raised questions.

This phrase, appearing on the payroll page, indicates that the payment history has not been updated in the Nasims portal. It is a temporary status that will change once you receive any payment through the Npower scheme.

The payroll page is designed for the immediate recording of all stipends paid to beneficiaries on a monthly basis. It
serves as a comprehensive record of payment history from the first to the last month of volunteers.

Every beneficiary is entitled to receive stipends monthly, particularly after completing all necessary steps and
requirements. Current Npower Batch C beneficiaries are expected to participate in the program for twelve (12) months, during which all payment transactions will be regularly updated on the payroll payment page.

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